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With our incorporation in 1982, S. N. Enterprise began an unprecedented history of success. Our goal was to establish S. N. Enterprise as The High Performance Company and Fully Customer Oriented Company. Throughout our history S. N. Enterprise has earned a reputation of excellence by creating products of superior value and quality, and on-time delivery. The key ingredient has always been a fully integrated product line specifically engineered to meet the real needs of the customers.

The expansion to our S. N. Enterprise factory location in 2006 and 2010 was a significant milestone. This 810 sq. yd. allowed for rapid expansion and increased production capabilities. The factory location consists of a composite plant for manufacturing, sintering and machining under one roof.

S. N. Enterprise is confident to be in greater shape to cater the various requirement of PTFE / filled PTFE normally critically applied with the PTFE processing experience since more than 3 decades.

S. N. Enterprise has the technical know-how, manufacturing capabilities as well as systems to competently service the several markets all over the world.


Assuring the Product You Receive Is the Product You Purchased

Product reliability and performance are directly related to quality. At S. N. Enterprise, our major concern is to provide the assured products to our customers as per their customized designs, with a material and quality level that meets their requirements.

Quality Policies:

Continually comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Seek towards maximum customer satisfaction by adhering to quality standards.

Seek to understand market dynamics of the region, customer needs and regularly improve our product and its quality to facilitate the growth.

Ensure customer complaints are attended and affected effectively. Get to root cause of the problem and prevent recurrence.

Develop technology and infrastructure continuously to be on par available technology in order to meet market and customer's expectations.


S. N. Enterprise’s Vision

To become the most respected and successful PTFE components manufacturerall over the industry, with our greatest assets being our employees and customers.

S. N. Enterprise’s Mission

To pursue growth through improved high-quality product offerings.

Always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Manage our business with integrity and.

Treat our team members with care and respect.

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